Wireless smartphone charger.Stay charged and ready to go!

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A smooth charging experience for both home and office


Wireless freedom

Feel the freedom of induction technology; Your phone is placed directly on the charger and held in place by magnets.

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Fast top up charging

Accessible design eases top-up charging that keep you from running out of batteries during the day.


Sleek design

Sleek Scandinavian design that blends in with a modern home or office environment.

Easy view

Tilted design gives you total control over your smartphone and an easy view of display and events.

Sturdy & Stable

Sturdy and stable design keeps your smart device steady. Easy access and quick pickup of phone calls.


Compatible with any QI compatible device, so the whole family can use one set of base stations. “The DTach wireless smartphone charger tops up my phone both fast and efficiently. It’s clean and stable design also blends in well with a modern furnishing. Another great thing about it is that it stands upright, allowing me to Face Time or watch movies when my hands are full. Emelie W Satisfied Customer “Fantastic design that exceeded my expectations. What I also like about it is the fact that it charges my phone quickly. Would warmly recommend the DTach device to anyone looking for a proper wireless smartphone charger.” Chuang K Satisfied Customer “I really appreciate the beautiful and practical design, and I also like that it’s wireless. It definitely helps.” Leif W Satisfied Customer Can you handle #NoStringsAttached? Find out