Pairing smartphones with smart users.

We make sure you feel in control over your smartphone. Not the other way around.

Our Mission

As a Scandinavian brand with product design and development in Sweden, we innovate by pairing smartphones with smart users. Our mission is clear: To create innovative and user friendly solutions that improve the functionality of your smartphone. We specialize in solutions for wireless charging that contributes to a more frictionless life for our users. But a frictionless design and a delicate user experience doesn't come without hard work, technological expertise and perfectionism. We know this at DTach. That is why we make sure to pour every ounce of energy into our wireless solutions before shipping them. And we do it all for you.

Who we are

Robert Wollner DTach CEO

Robert Wollner

CEO & Co-Founder
Robert is the driving force behind DTach, responsible for coordinating everything from Product Management and Manufacturing to Marketing functions globally.


Excellent product design. We always place heavy emphasis on ensuring that DTach products are appealing to the eye and have a clever and a consistent design language.

Always user friendly. Everything we design and produce is about the user, and thus we try to eliminate cords and cables as much as possible. Instead, we rely on induction technology. 

Innovation in everything we do. What drives us is our desire to always make a better product. Something newer, something smarter, faster or just cooler than you’ve seen before. We think this is what differentiates us from the rest of the players in this market.